Well, I have been staring at this blank blog screen for two days trying to think of something profound to share with the world about EarthDayNWA.  It reminds me of when I would start a new journal when I was in college.  I would stare at the beauty of the blank white pages and knew that there was nothing I could add that would be original, any more relevant or beautiful than their empty white silence.  My entry would simply soil the page, and so now we have the electronic, virtual version called the blog, and the feelings are exactly the same — curious, unexpected, familiar and somehow comforting.

Now, on to what you might expect from a blog post found on EarthDayNWA.

40 Days and 40 Nights of Re:B-Earth 2.0 is a story about breaking down preconceived associations.  It’s a story about inclusiveness.  A story about the state of the planet Earth and our relationship with it.  It’s a story of transformational change.

Stay tuned and I will share the transformation changes that have occurred within my life in my own quest to live more sustainably.