Fayetteville Forward Earth Days Festival

Fayetteville’s Earth Day is about ECO-Nomics in the New Green Economy.

Fayetteville’s Earth Day is about ECO-Politics in the New Normals of dwindling natural resources, relentless weather, commodity volatility, and new global competition.

Let us work together to ensure Fayetteville’s resilience, self-reliance and create our own self-determination in this new age as we adapt to change and evolve to meet these incredible challenges.  History tells us that the early adopter reaps the greatest rewards and the steepest dividends.  History also tells us that the status quo will fall behind and simply wither on the vine.

The ECO-PassPort has morphed into Fayetteville’s Guide to all things Green, and serves as its calendar for the myriad of events thru-out the community each Spring.  The ECO-PassPort has grown to serve as our local Green Business Directory, and only features products and services committed to helping transition our community from the business-as-usual economy of the last century to the New Green Economy of this century.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable moment in our history as we usher in the New Green Revolution, the 3rd Industrial Revolution!