Brewski’s Draft held a crawfish boil ECO-Mob on Sunday, April 15. Hungry patrons packed the house, devouring 200 lb. of crawfish within a few hours. The event was showcase sustainability from eating regionally-sourced food that hasn’t been processed and shipped, which can dramatically increase a carbon footprint as well as the organic beers such as Rogue, Pinkus, and OREgasmic Ale.

People were excited to have crawfish on Dickson Street for the first time this year.

“We knew this would be a local event with a lot of our friends,” said Kurt Currie, a Brewski’s regular. “My wife Erin doesn’t get to come to a lot of community events.  We like crawfish and wanted to support community business so we came out.”

Chef T prepared over 200 lb. of crawfish for the afternoon.  He shared his secret for boiling perfect crawfish.  He said, “You got to go and get it fresh. Then when you go to cook, just take what ever is in your kitchen that you want to get rid of and pour it in.  It’s like chicken soup.”

He raised a glass of liquor and said, “But the real secret’s right here.” He smiled and turned back his glass.

Mikel Lolley, chairman of Earth Day NWA, collaborated with Chadd Wilson, a bartender at Brewski’s to plan the crawfish boil. They were both pleased with the event and it’s promotion of sustainability in an often overlooked way.

“Anytime you buy a consumer product that’s shipped in bulk, whether it’s coffee beans or beer in a keg, that promotes sustainability,” said Lolley.

(Chef T is available for crawfish boils. Call 479-422-9141.)