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Fayetteville’s bicycling community came out in full force for Bicycle Fayetteville Days on Sunday, April 22.  The event lasted for much of the day with great music, food, and drinks.  A swap meet took place and several vendors were on hand has well.

Greg Mitchell, one of the event coordinators, felt this was a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

“Bicycling is eco-friendly so it’s a good fit,” said Mitchell. “There’s a lot of crossover between environmentalists and bicyclists.”

Several bicycling events took place throughout the afternoon.  The Rugrat Race allowed children seven and under to have free reign of the downtown square as they biked through the area, which was blocked from traffic.  This provided a great opportunity for parents to share their love of bicycling with their children.

Skye McGowan brought her daughter, Avey, out for the day.

“This is a beautiful day,” she said. “It’s probably the quietest event we have since there aren’t any motorcycles.”

Other events included the Slow Race, a 30 foot race in which the last person to cross the finish line is the winner.  Balance and longevity are the keys to this event. Children and adults participated.  Later, a poker run and mass ride began downtown and travelled College Avenue to Township Avenue and Pack Rat before returning to the square.

The swap meet also proved to be a hit.  Max Cary sat up a table that was visited by several people. Quin Thompson stopped by.

Thompson said, “This is a good opportunity to meet people, exchange ideas and equipment you have stashed in your basement.”

Bicycle Fayetteville Days highlighted the city’s commitment to sustainability through alternative means of transportation. Anya Bruhin, a volunteer at the event, is happy with the community’s treatment to bicyclists.

“I rode from my house by the mall,” she said. “Traffic stopped along the way.  People on the trail used great etiquette. Even when I bike on the street, people are very contentious.”

To see more pictures, visit: http://goo.gl/fAJMe.