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Uptown Eyes recently held an ECO-Mob and a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce’s GreeNWAy certification program.  The eye clinic has been pursuing sustainable endeavors since they opened a few years ago.  This marked the celebration of those efforts.

“We really want to help the Earth and do our small part not to leave such a large footprint,” said Dr. Megan Baureis, of Uptown Eyes.

Uptown Eyes had snacks made from ingredients from the Local Harvest and Community Supported Agriculture Program. During the ECO-Mob, people who brought in their passport received 20 percent off all our sunwear including the new eco-friendly sunglasses called Zeal by Maui Jim. Zeal frames are manufactured with the Castor bean.

Uptown Eyes underwent a lengthy certification process to become GreeNWAy certified.  According to Curtis Northcutt, of the Fayetteville Chamber, they “went through an audit for six areas of sustainability to get certified.  They had to turn in their utility bill for 12 months (around three years total) to track their carbon footprint and they had to attend quarterly training.”

The GreeNWAy certification tracks their usage in the areas of energy, waste, water, education, purchasing, and people, according to Katherine Brandt, of the Fayetteville Chamber.  The program began with five pilot companies in early 2012 and has grown to include 30 local businesses.  Brandt said that at its inception, it was the only green business certification program of its kind in the state.

As for Uptown Eyes, Baureis detailed several ways that they incorporate several different methods to be sustainable.  They include:

  • Keeping the office paperless by using Electronic Medical records, inventory management, and billing.
  • Utilizing email marketing and communication when possible, rather than mailing of postcards
  • Offering cloth towels instead of paper towels in the bathroom.
  • Having ceramic mugs in the coffee bistro, rather than paper or Styrofoam.
  • Using LED lighting in some of our displays
  • Monitoring A/C and Heating use.
  • Recycling shipping boxes, magazines, and paper.

Baureis feels that while these may be small steps, they offer several benefits for the plant and their pocketbook.  She said, “For a small business, the little savings add up.  Just keeping paper use to a minimum saves us a whole lot of money.”

To learn more about Uptown Eyes, visit their website.