Old Navy hosted an ECO-Mob on Saturday, May 12.  They offered reusable tote bags and a chance to spin the wheel for prizes to any customer who rode their bike to the store.  Old Navy sits just off the Fayetteville Bike Trail and installed a bike rack after a renovation last summer.

Store Manager Alex Gonzales does everything within his power to insure sustainability and give back to the community.  They recycle plastics and have found room for a nonprofit called Youth Strategies to share warehouse space.  Youth Strategies does many things for teens including job interview preparedness.

“We feel that Youth Strategies helps mold people into what they can be,” said Jenetta Souvatdy, customer service and training manager for Old Navy.  “The program gets a lot of teens.  We do practice job interviews with them.  Some of the graduates are even working for us now.”

Gonzales is nominated for an ECO-Award for Best Green Employee Engagement.